The most embarrassing movie you will ever see.

I would pay big money to see Andrew Garfield reenact this scene on SNL

This hurts like the Dickens!

This hurts like the Dickens!



benedict cumberbatch & chris pine + stid extras: “enemy of my enemy” (x)

This gifset is PERFECTION~! \*0*/




the first was a warning shot. he clearly saw his target, yet he pointed the gun at Steve’s arm. even if Steve was a mission, his mission, he chose to give him a fair chance. if people stopped calling him a villain, that would be great. 

Like I have mentioned before, Bucky is shooting to stop Steve and not to kill him.  He actually shoots him first on the leg to stop him from running, then he shoots him in the arm as he is dangling there, probably to get him to loosen him grip and fall. When he finally sees that Steve won’t quit, he finally gives him the blow in the stomach. These are not accidental shots. His hand is steady and he knows exactly where he is aiming at. There is no hesitation or nothing in his body language that suggests an “oh fuck, I missed”. He is so done with Steve’s shenanigans and there is so much resolve in that look as he shoots him.

"Where do you think you’re going?"

"You better stop."

"I said stop!"

A gun is like an extension of himself, an he knows how to use it against a moving target.  Plus, the way he lowers his gun and just leaves Steve there, probably knowing that he would get up. That this wound would not stop him because he has seen this man in action and he knows that this Captain America, is not a regular joe. And people can argue with me on this one, but I think Bucky could have gotten up there if he really wanted to. He had the time and he is no regular joe either. And from what we have seen before, this is someone who doesn’t care about his own body as long as he finishes his mission. He jumps off bridges, stands in front of moving vehicles, uses his robotic arm as a brake. You think a dislocated shoulder would stop him from getting to Steve if he really wanted him dead in that very moment? Because I certainly don’t. 

I couldn’t have said it any better!

Feelings everywhere. Oh my…they’re popping up like mushrooms.

*Feelings* *Feelings* *Feelings*


favorite character meme → [1/8] quotes

Our only hope is to destroy it before it destroys us.  Hiding is useless now.  With the Death Star, they’ll continue to destroy systems until they’ve found us.

The ladie’s FACE

The ladie’s FACE

Time to choose a side, Doctor Watson.

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